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St. John Chrysostom Church, Delafield Wisconsin

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The church was built for and has remained the property of the Episcopal Church. Construction began in 1851, the church was consecrated May 20th, 1856.

The church was probably built according to plans by Richard Upjohn, based on a letter of March 11, 1859, in Upjohn's business correspondence (Upjohn, Richard Upjohn. Architect and Churchman, and Perrin, Historic Wisconsin Architecture and "Historic Wisconsin Buildings," Lore, XI, 1.) However, a young clergyman from Philadelphia, R. Ralston Cox, is also credited with furnishing plans for the church (Holt, "The Story of the Church of St. John Chrysostora"). Cox was killed in an accident on the Ohio River, and the church was erected partly as a memorial to him.

The Reverend William Markoc was rector of the church at the time the building was built. The most distinguished rector of the church (1854-1859) was the Reverend James DeKoven.

The church is 26' x 92'. The interior is very simple consisting of a single auditorium and a small chancel separated by a Rood screen.