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Stone Warehouse, Rochester New York

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John Gilbert himself built the warehouse from stone quarried from the bed of the Genesee River.

Extensive interior changes were made in 1838, when William Cheney converted the warehouse to a foundry. The structure was enlarged to seventy-five feet by one hundred and fifty feet in 1864 by Samuel Oothout. The elevator house at the southwest comer is a later addition.

Myron Holley was an enthusiastic supporter of the construction of the Erie Canal. In 1819, he secured passage of a hill to let the contracts for the canal construction east of Rochester. He and Gilbert then purchased the parcel at the proposed juncture of the canal and a feeder servicing Genesee River traffic. The warehouse was constructed and another portion of the parcel was developed as a canal boat basin for boats waiting to be loaded or waiting to cross the Broad Street aqueduct. As a foundry between 1838-1846, the building was fitted with an engine and boiler brought from Albany by canal. The first cooking stove in the area was cast by the foundry. In c. 1856, the warehouse was used for storage by a tile and pottery factory which was located just to the south. Under the ownership of Samuel Oothout, the building first was used for malt storage. In 1869 the entire brewing operation was moved to the warehouse.

Over-all dimensions: Ninety feet by one hundred and sixty-five feet; eight hay southeast facade, five bay east facade; four story original section, six story south section; irregular trapezoidal shape,

Floor plan: The open floors contain enclosed elevator shafts at the south-southeast corner and centered at the southeast comer. A stairwell is located at the probable north wall of the original forty foot wide structure, which is accessible from the east entrance. Other stairwells are located in the original south-southeast and northwest corners. A multi-story shed, twenty-two feet by one hundred and thirty-five feet, has been attached to the west facade.

Stone Warehouse, Rochester New York 1967 DETAIL OF SOUTHEAST FACADE

Stone Warehouse, Rochester New York 1967 VIEW OF FLOOR AREA IN ORIGINAL (CIRCA 1822) SECTION.