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Col. John Kingman House, Cincinnatus New York

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Three houses were built by Colonel John Kingman on the same site. First, a log cabin, second a modest frame house, and finally the present house. This third house was built as a two family residence, although from the exterior it looks like a single family house. Colonel Kingman occupied the "south side" and his son, John Kingman, Jr., the "north side".

First settlement of Cincinnatus, one of the Military Tracts, was in 1795 under the auspices of John Kingman, a native of Massachusetts, who was born in Wethersfield, October 3, 1770. With three or four men from Lennox, Massachusetts, he came to Cincinnatus at the age of 25 and settled on Lot 19, cleared the land and built a log cabin and later the present house (about 1830). In a military capacity, John Kingman rose to Colonel. He was the first supervisor of Cincinnatus, a post that he held for eleven years. Colonel Kingman built the first house, the first store, the first inn, (Where the Hotel Bennett now stands) and the first school in Owego (located just south of his house).

John Kingman died January 30, 1859. Among his children were John, Jr. (1797-1884), a successful merchant and farmer who held the office of Postmaster for many years, was Town Supervisor, and was sent to the State Legislature for one term; Oliver, an Associate Judge (1828-1846), and member of the Legislature; and George, who served in the Legislature. The last Kingman left Cincinnatus in 1915.

Col. John Kingman House, Cincinnatus New York WEST FRONT AND SOUTH SIDE

Col. John Kingman House, Cincinnatus New York EAST REAR