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Covered Bridge, Cynthiana Kentucky

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An early Order Book in the Harrison County Court House at Cynthiana, Kentucky, records the following:

"in January, 1807, Samuel McMillain, James Finley, Wm. Stephenson, Wm. Moore and Josephus Perrin, were appointed Commissioners to draft a plan for a Bridge across the South Fork of Licking, opposite the Town of Cynthiana, to fix on the eligible place for said bridge to cross said fork, for the materials of which it shall be made, and to open subscriptions to raise money to defray a part or the whole of the expense of erecting said Bridge".

In July, 1807, a report was made showing subscriptions amounting to $500 to "help defray" expenses. Letting of the building of the bridge was "advertised in the Palladium and such other places as seemed proper". The "Undertaker" was required to keep the bridge In repair for seven years after the completion.

The building of the bridge was let to John Wallace, July 25, 1807, for $1,594,00.

The bridge was ready for wagons to cross In December, 1808.

While the bridge was being built, a ferry was operated by Alexander Walker at the following rates:
"For a man and horse 12 1/2 cents
For a single man, or a horse, 6 1/2 cents
For every coach, wagon, chariot and the driver, 37 1/2 cents
For every four-wheeled chair-phaeton and driver 25 cents
For every two-wheeled riding carriage 12 1/2 cents
For every hogshead of tobacco 6 1/2 cents
For every head of meat cattle 6 1/2 cents
For every sheep, goat, hog or lamb 1/5 part of the ferriage of one horse".

All "voters at Elections, all Militia men on public muster days, and all Justices and Sheriffs are carried without their paying any reward for same".

This old bridge, still in perfect condition, played an important part In General Morgan's Raid on Cynthiana during the Civil War.

Covered Bridge, Cynthiana Kentucky 1934 GENERAL VIEW (SOUTH) (LOOKING NORTH)

Covered Bridge, Cynthiana Kentucky 1934 BRIDGE APPROACH (NORTHEAST)