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Learned-AiKen House, Norwich Connecticut

Date added: April 26, 2011 Categories: Connecticut House Greek Revival

This is a large frame house built in 1799 and was enlarged in 1867.

The house was built c. 1799 by and for Ebenezer Learned, master carpenter. May 1812 the property was deeded to B. M. Ballou. In 1861, the property was bought by Connecticut Governor Buckingham for his daughter and son-in-law, General J. W. Aiken. The property stayed in the Aiken family until 1940; Mary Aiken, daughter of General Aiken was the last to occupy the house. The property was sold to Earl Cleary in 1940 and to John E. McGuire, architect, in 1950.

In 1867 the property was mortgaged by Aiken for $10,000 to enlarge the house and remodel the original interiors. Presumably, the portico and other Greek Revival details would date from this remodeling. Smaller alterations were made by Aiken in 1880 and 1890. John E. McGuire refinished the exterior and in 1957 partitioned the interior to use half the house for apartments.

The house has a central hall type plan which has been modified by recent alterations to use part of the house for apartments. The apartments are entered on the north side of the house, and the owner's part of the house uses the main front entrance.