Structures of the Architectural Style Gothic Revival

Abner Baker House, Marshall Michigan
Date added:March 31, 2011


An attractive representative mid-19th century "Gothic Cottage," retaining many original features and with a carriage house.

The building measures 38'-1" x 40'-3"; the front faces south.


Academy Building, Fall River Massachusetts
Date added:November 21, 2009


The Academy Building, also known as Borden Block and Academy of Music, was constructed by the Borden Family, textile entrepreneurs of Fall River. The prominent structure, with Ruskinian Gothic details, was designed by Hartwell and Swasey of Boston In 1875. The Academy of Music, located within the block, was a local cultural center, housing performances by nationally renowned actors and actresses as well as concerts, lectures and civic events. After World War I, the auditorium was used predominantly for movies. It was modernized in 1946. The building was restored in the 1980s, the offices were converted into apartments and the theater portion was demolished.

The Academy of Music opened its doors on January 6, 1876, boasting the second largest stage in Massachusetts. The opening program was the Theodore Thomas Orchestra. Ushers were drawn from the young scions of Fall River's most prominent families, including Jireh Borden, Billy Handcock, Billy Edgar, Levi Lawton, John Burrell, George Bamford. Music continued on the Academy's program, and O. Elton Borden brought the Boston Symphony Orchestra to Fall River every year in the 1880's, always at personal loss.


All Saints' Episcopal Cathedral, Milwaukee Wisconsin
Date added:November 01, 2009

All Saints' Episcopal Cathedral Milwaukee Wisconsin Front

All Saints' is one of the nation's earliest Episcopal cathedrals. Gothic Revival in style, it is one of Milwaukee's older surviving churches and an important early work of the architect, Edward Townsend Mix. Noteworthy features of the interior are the stained glass windows, dating largely from the nineteenth century and forming, through the consistency of their compositions and color schemes--dominated by deep, rich hues--an exceptionally harmonious ensemble.

The edifice was built as Olivet Congregational Church, and, according to a contemporary newspaper account, it was acquired by the Milwaukee Episcopal diocese June 1, 1872 for $35,000. Contracts for the construction of Olivet Church were signed on July 16, 1868, and the cornerstone laid on August 27 of that year. Dedication services were held in November of the following year. The Milwaukee Sentinel for November 26, 1869, reports that the church, lots, and organ cost, in all, some $66,000.


 Augustus Donnelly House (David Harum House), Homer New York

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 Kingscote (George Jones-William H. King House), Newport Rhode Island

 Lace House, Black Hawk Colorado

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 Malbone Mansion (J. Prescott Hall-Henry Bedlow House), Newport Rhode Island

 Minneapolis New Church Society, Minneapolis Minnesota

 New Haven City Hall and Courthouse, New Haven Connecticut

 North Point Water Tower, Milwaukee Wisconsin

 Rochester Free Academy (Board of Education Building), Rochester New York

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 Springside (Mathew Vassar Estate), Poughkeepsie New York

 St. James Episcopal Church, Milwaukee Wisconsin

 St. John Chrysostom Church, Delafield Wisconsin

 St. Katherine's Episcopal Chapel, Williamston Township Michigan

 St. Louis Roman Catholic Church, Buffalo New York

 St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Metuchen New Jersey

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 St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, Buffalo New York

 The Female Academy of the Sacred Heart, Rochester New York

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