Structures of the Architectural Style Early Colonial

Capt, James Henry Swift House, Whidbey Island, Washington
Date added:August 01, 2010

Capt, James Henry Swift House, Whidey Island, Washington

Csptsin Swift, s whaler, from New Bedford, Mass., came to Whidby Island with the "Anadir" for the first load of spars for a foreign country, and bought the house from Smith in 1855, paying $3,000.00 in gold for it. The house was the scene of notable visits, including Governors and other officials.

The house was moved, log for log, and stone for stone, from Penn Cove, its original site, to the present location, Front and Colbert streets, adjoining the City Park, by his son Dr. George Swift, of Seattle. In doing this but two new logs were added, and what is now the living room comprised the whole house and included a lean-to; the partitions dividing the house into rooms and the stair to bed rooms above, having been removed. The house is owned by Krs. Puget Race, nee Hattie Swift, Dr. Swifts sister.


Ferris Mansion, Bronx New York
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June 20, 1934.  VIEW FROM NORTHEAST.

This picturesque stone and shingle dwelling of per-Revolutionary times is located on Throgg's Neck, Bronx, near where Westchester Creek empties into the East River. It is reputed to be the oldest house in the Bronx, having been built in 1687 by Josiah Hunts son of Thomas Hunt, the patenteer of Hunt's Point.

It is said that "the Ferris Mansion in the Westchester Country Club Grounds was used as Howe's Headquarters after the British landing at Throgg's Neck in October, 1776. Marks on the stairs are said to have been made by one of their officer's horses. The house was saved from destruction by the British Fleet thru the heroism of the mistress who calmly walked up and down the veranda."


Fort Herkimer Church, Herkimer New York
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June 15, 1940, (A) EXTERIOR, VIEW FROM SOUTH WEST (2nd story added about 1812).

Following the settlement of the Palatines, of Protestant faith, on the German Flats (from 1720 to 1725), they here built a log church and organized this society, probably about 1723. This was the beginning off the Fort Herkimer Reformed Dutch Church. It is probable that a log church was built at present Herkimer at about the same time.

Sept. 24, 1730, Nicholas Welleven (Woolever) transferred to the church organization, Lot. No. 30 of the original Burnetsfield patent of 1725, which he drew in the original allotment. This is the church lot on which the present structure stands and the first work on the edifice was probably begun soon after the granting of the deed. Appeals for church buildings funds were made in 1730, 1746 and 1751, but its building lagged until after the great French war (1754-1760).


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