Structures of the Architectural Style Art Deco

Brownley Building, Washington DC
Date added:October 27, 2010


The building permit for the Brownley Building notes that when built in 1932, it received an award from the Architect's Advisory Council for "meeting exceptionally well the standards which should be maintained for private buildings in the National Capital," The design successfully relates to the traditional fabric of older buildings in the area. Through its ornamentation, the Brownley Building captures the visual variety typical of older, more traditional buildings and relates to the pedestrian scale of F Street.

Originally owned by Caleb G. Willard, the trustees of his estate, Boyd, Willard, and Howe, sold the property title in 1919 to Walter Brownley. Following Brownley's death, the deed was transferred to the Brownley Investment Company in 1923. Ed R. Brownley, surviving trustee, maintained ownership of the property until the sale to The Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation in 1979.


Fisher Building, Detroit Michigan
Date added:October 14, 2013

28-story office tower with two flat-roofed, 11-story wings extending to the north and west to make an L-shaped building. Projecting piers between strip windows. Tower with stepped-back massing. Tower roof is green tile with gilt cresting. Full architectural articulation on three sides. First 3 stories faced with polished, dark gray granite. Upper floors finished with gray marble. All Exterior metal work On exterior is solid bronze. Entrance of W. Grand Blvd has bronze and plate glass doors with bronze panels and medallions above.

Interior features richly decorated barrel-vaulted arcades at ground level in each wing intersect at shallow dome, also elaborately decorated. Decorations include murals, marble, bronze grilles, chandeliers. Upper floor walls sheathed with Tennessee golden vein marble, and American walnut is used for doors and woodwork.


New Center Building, Detroit Michigan
Date added:October 15, 2013

10-story, U-shaped structure. Limestone-faced exterior with tall central section and lower side wings. Detailing includes bronze grille work on 2-story entrance and spandrel panels between the windows. Store windows at first floor level are bronze framed plate glass.

Interior features a spacious elevator lobby sheathed in marble and displaying Art Moderne influences in its decoration.


 Saint Michael's Greek Catholic Church, Poletown, Detroit Michigan

 St. Paul City Hall and Ramsey County Courthouse, St. Paul Minnesota