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Harrietta Plantation House, Santee South Carolina

Date added: May 3, 2016 Categories: South Carolina House Plantations & Farms

Harrietta was built in 1797 by Mrs. Horry of Hampton for her daughter Harriott, who had married Frederick Rutledge. However, due to unforeseen circumstances it was never lived in until it came into the possession cf Stephen D. Doar in 1858. He repaired it, and three generations of his family had owned Harrietta until in 1930 it was sold to Horatio G. Shonnard, who made extensive repairs and restorations.

This house contains some architectural trickery. A false door was inserted between two others under the portico of the garden side and all three were framed in with a common order. The segmental window in the pediment of the garden portico is also a false contrivance for the sake of looks. A dumbwaiter, built like a door and its upper portion fitted with shelves rotates on a vertical pivot to carry dishes from the dining room to the pantry.

Harrietta Plantation House, Santee South Carolina 1940